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So by now you would have read the part 1 of our “Growing a Good Beard” posts. If not click here to read it first.

Now we get onto a little more serious topic.



This might not happen to all of you but for some this is something you have to deal with. Other peoples reactions of seeing you with a beard. Most people will say why is there such hostility over a bit of facial hair, but a lot of people don’t like change. The hardest thing is to communicate with people close to us. The best way to address it is to start the conversation and you can usually win them over.

You could always try something like…

“[Persons name], I’ve decided to grow a beard and I know it’s going to be different. It’s something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time, but never had the confidence to do. I’m hoping to grow it for [length of time] months and can really use your support. Please bear with me.”

Or you could just try

“I’m growing a beard.”

And leave it at that.


The next thing is the people around you at work. If you get any comments you could always try this

“Hell ya, I’m growing a beard and it’s going to be badass.”

When confidence exudes people usually concede. But you are always going to get some who will never like it and that’s their issue not yours. It’s your life. You can’t please everyone.

The longer you have it, the more people will only know you that way. Back to our original statement BE PATIENT.

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