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We are on the final part of our “Growing a Good Beard” posts. You can view the first two posts here

Now we get onto a fun topic.



This can be broken up into two sections. Beard shape and beard products.


This is the shape of the beard on your face. Take a look at the many beard shapes in the image on this page. Find one that is right for your face shape and try it out. But probably best to try it out and see what works for you while you still have a short beard so you don’t waste all that time growing and trim and then find out that it doesn’t suit you.


There are a lot of products out there. We, however, are releasing a Beard Shaper in first quarter 2017 that is an all natural clay like product. It holds the beard in place but doesn’t contain any of the PVA’s or PVP’s used in most styling products. Watch this space.

Beard styling products are used to keep the beard “in check” and also assists in creating fun moustaches. The best thing to do is buy one and try it out for yourself. Remember not to take yourself too seriously.

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