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I’m sure you’ve heard this many times. “The way to grow a good beard is to put away your razor and clippers and just let it grow”. Well this technically is true, but there is a bit more to it.

So what do you need to know? Especially if you’re into style – which I know you are.

We can break this up into 3 main areas. The Physical. The Psychological. Styling.

This post we’ll tackle the first area. The other two will be covered in future posts.



This all comes down to patience. Like growing hair on your head,  there will come times where it seems like it becomes unmanageable and unruly. All I say is BE PATIENT. Beards aren’t measured in length, it’s measured in months. You’ll have a 1 month beard, 3 month beard, year long beard (yeard), or the holy grail of beards – the terminal beard (maximum length you genetically can grow).

In the first two weeks is when the beard can be quite itchy. this is due shaving causing the hair follicle to be sheared and forming a “spear”. When the hair grows it curls back and pricks the skin especially on the neck. But don’t worry, this won’t last long. One of the ways to illuminate this is to use a beard oil. We suggest using our Lumberjock™ Beard Oil.

After the itchy stage the beard will start to look untidy. At this stage you can trim the neckline, upper cheeks and lower section of your moustache where it meets the lip if you require. Just don’t become too eager with your razor and destroy all the hard work achieved in this initial stage. We recommend waiting for at least 4 weeks before trimming. Also don’t trim the neckline higher than where the neck meets the head. Too many guys make that mistake. Don’t be one of them!

Remember you’re not trimming a lot. Just neatening up.

Trimming a beard is much safer when you use scissors opposed to clippers. You have more control and less likely to have an accident.

For the upper cheeks you will only be trimming off a couple hairs to get the hair line back to a normal straight line.

Trim less rather than more. You an always trim it again. In terms of maintenance rinse the beard thoroughly everyday in the shower and apply Lumberjock™ Beard Oil daily.

After a couple months your beard will start taking on a life of its own. This is normal and should be embraced if you want to grow out your beard. What used to be a neat beard is becoming wild and curly. If you want to keep it more sleek and refined. use scissors to trim the stray hairs and maintain that routine. But if not, carry on reading.

Rinse your beard daily when in the shower and wash with a soap free wash about 1-3 time a week. Maintain applying Lumberjock™ Beard Oil to your beard daily to nourish and soften your beard and skin. Trim only with scissors if you have a stray hair or hairs. For longer beards we also suggest using the Raike™ Beard Comb which will help distribute oils to every strand of your beard.

Now everyones beard grows at a different rate and has a different shape. This is due to genetics. Yes genetics. We can’t all grown long full beards. But there are many different styles and types of beards to choose from. Fin one that suits your type of beard. Whatever you do don’t shave it off because it’s in a phase that doesn’t suit you. Take a look at this chart with the different beard styles.

Other factors that can harm your beard growth is stress and diet, or lack there of. Make sure you have a balanced diet and sometimes even supplement it with vitamins. Vitamin B6, fish oil and Zinc can help.

Finally we go back to our original statement and give your beard time to grow. BE PATIENT.

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