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About Apotheca®

About Apotheca®

Apotheca® is a Natural Unisex Skincare Product Range.

Have you ever thought about what is in your skincare products? Well we have and we weren’t happy with what we found. This is why, in conjunction with an aromatherapist and an industrial chemist, we developed Apotheca® (Latin for Apothecary).

Apotheca® is a natural range for men and women who care about their skin. We pride ourselves in creating a range that is free of any chemicals that could be harmful to us in any way.

Not only are the ingredients natural but they have been specifically picked for their incredible properties and benefits. Take a look at our Ingredients page to get the facts. Here you’ll find each ingredient used, their benefits and reasons why we have used it. We feel transparency is key.

We believe in staying young naturally. We all need help and Mother Nature has created some incredible ingredients for us to use. So why use chemicals when you can use nature to manage your skin.

The range is small for now but we are constantly developing new products. We don’t want to rush the process. We would prefer to get the best product to market.